House Representatives

House Director: Ahmad Obiedat
Programs Facilitator: Adrienne Resha
Area Coordinator (LHC): Vinay Patel
Senior Resident: Adam Cohn
Resident Advisor: Emma Shreve

Language Group Contact Professors

Arabic: Ahmad Obiedat
Chinese: Ran Zhao
Hebrew: Zvi Gilboa
Hindi-Urdu: Ashok Kumar Rajput
Italian: Enrico F. Cesaretti
Japanese: Tomoko Marshall
Korean: Jung Hee Kim
Persian: Alireza Korangy Isfahani

Language Assistants (LA):

Arabic: John Al-Haddad
Chinese: Yuning Ling & Haowei Wang
Hebrew: Megan Lubash
Hindi-Urdu: Shubhangi Sinha
Italian: Jacob Shirley
Japanese: Edward Yagisawa Cannell
Korean: Tae Yoon Seo
Persian: Gaisu Yari

Shea House Government

Duties: development and maintenance of a house website, e-mailing the house concerning Board proceedings, archiving of these e-mails for house records, house publicity, taking meeting notes/minutes. Satellite television programming, obtaining subscriptions to print and electronic media in the House languages, other media issues.

Cultural Convergence
Duties: organizing cultural programming beyond the scope of a single language group, possible development of a house library.

Duties: budget proposal incorporating suggestions of all residents, managing house budget, raising general funds.

Duties: organizing parties, organizing service events, coordinating intramural sports.

Department Coordinators:

Department Coordinator: Tomoko Marshall
DEALLC: Courtney Lazore
MESALC: Cameron Clayton & Maggie VanEkeren

House Constitution

The House Constitution

This is a student created and amended document that serves to:

  • facilitate linguistic immersion in one of several selected world languages
  • promote culture consistent with the experience of speakers of that language
  • increase awareness and understanding of global culture, especially of the represented languages

Take a look and see how this government runs!

Reimbursement Form

Why Shea?

  • Shea House is a total language immersion environment
  • It is conveniently located 5 minutes away from central grounds
  • Students are provided with full laundy facilities, central heating and air conditioning, high-speed Ethernet connections in each room, and spacious common areas
  • Food is provided by ARAMARK Monday-Thursday for dinner
  • An in-house kitchen is available for use by residents
  • UVA Housing Division spent over three and a half million dollars on this new building
  • The residents are friendly and fun

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