Why Apply?

The Shea House provides approximately 75 students at the University of Virginia the unique opportunity to live for an academic year in an environment of total language immersion in ARABIC, CHINESE, HEBREW, HINDI-URDU, ITALIAN, JAPANESE, KOREAN, or PERSIAN. Modeled after similar houses for other languages, the Shea House serves as the cultural and linguistic center at UVA for Italian and for five of the richest and most widely spoken languages of Asia and the Middle East. Each year there will be a number of cultural events put on at the Shea House in collaboration with faculty from the Departments of East Asian and Middle Eastern Languages....


Q1. How do departments select residents?

Q2. How do I find out the result of my application?

Q3. When will the students as "alternates" get an offer?

Q4. I'm on the waiting list now. Should I sign up for other dorms?

Q5. What is my chance of getting a single room in the Shea House?

Q6. Can I choose my room in Shea House?


Our official mailing address is:

400 Monroe Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22904

The Shea House is located at the corner of Jefferson Park Avenue and Monroe Lane, across from the Student Health Center. Along with the already existing Casa Bolivar and La Maison Francaise, the Shea House is one of the foundation fo the Language Precinct at UVA., and it is a convenient five-minute walk from Central Grounds and The Lawn. We are object 29 on the map. Alternatively, here is Shea House on Google Maps